Refractory materials are used in the construction and repair of thermal units (mainly – furnaces). These materials are laid under, walls, arches and other elements of the stoves, and also they are used for spreading ladles, laying pipes, etc. Refractory materials are in the form of powders, bricks and ceramic shaped products.

Qualified AZS Brick In RS

Qualified AZS Brick In RS

The main requirements for refractory materials are as follows: thermal and chemical resistance; strength at high heating temperatures; stability of volume with temperature changes.

By chemical properties refractory materials are divided into three main groups: acidic, basic and neutral.

Acid refractory materials can enter into chemical interaction with the main slags and do not interact with acid slags. The main refractory materials, on the contrary, interact with acid slags, and the neutral ones do not interact with either acidic or basic materials.

Refractory materials manufacturers are made of raw materials that are characterized by chemical inertness, the properties of which are not disturbed by the influence of high temperatures. As such raw materials, oxides, oxygen-free compounds, oxycarbides, oxynitrides can act. Depending on the type of raw materials used, heat-insulating refractory products are manufactured using a variety of technological processes.

High Alumina Bricks From RS

High Alumina Bricks From RS

Types of refractory ceramic products
Manufacturers of refractory materials produce numerous types, differing in:

● the form;

● heat treatment;

● porosity;

● fire resistance;

● composition.

According to the form
Forming of heat-resistant materials manufacturers carry out using such methods:

● casting (melt and fluids are used);

● pressing (semi-dry or hot);

● plastic molding;

● cutting of previously manufactured blocks.

Unshaped refractory ceramic products can be produced in the form of pastes, suspensions, powders or pieces that do not have regulated dimensions. Therefore, in their consistency, they can be fluid, dry, semi-dry or plastic. They are strengthened with the help of binders (mineral or organic).

Castable Refractory In RS Factory

Castable Refractory In RS Factory

By heat treatment
Bezobzhigovye refractory products manufacturers dry at a temperature of less than 600 C. When the raw material is heated above 600 C (this is done with the help of plasma or electric furnaces), firing of refractories is carried out.

By porosity
Producers of heat-resistant materials make them:

● especially dense (such as materials whose porosity does not exceed 3%);

● high-density (3-10%);

● dense (10-16%);

● Sealed (16-20%);

● medium-dense (20-30%);

● low-density (30-45%);

● highly porous (45-75%);

● ultraporous – with a porosity of more than 75%.

High Quality Monolithic Refractory By RS

High Quality Monolithic Refractory By RS

By refractoriness
Producers of high-temperature materials divide them by their ability to withstand very high temperatures:

● Products that are able to withstand temperatures of 1580-1770 C are considered refractory;

● highly refractory – from 1770 to 2000 ;

● more than 2000 C – products of higher refractoriness;

● more than 3000 C – super-impervious.

By composition
The composition of these types of refractories:

● aluminosilicate;

● anoxic;

● calcareous;

● Carbide-silicon;

● silicified;

● oxide;

● oxy carbon;

● magnesia;

● carbon and others.

Application area
Producers of heat-resistant products release them for use in metallurgical processes and for construction work. For the construction of furnaces, refractories having higher values ​​for resistance to temperature and characterized by low porosity are used.

Ceramic Fiber Board By RS Factory

Ceramic Fiber Board By RS Factory

Gypsum board is in great demand among suppliers of refractory materials. It is made of a double sheet of cardboard and gypsum filler. When building walls, refractory concrete is often used, having a porosity of 45%. It not only withstands the influence of high temperatures, but also is a high-quality heat-insulating refractory product.

To carry out construction work in fire hazardous areas produce a hard-to-fire plywood. In addition, this material is used in shipbuilding and car building. If an open flame is sent to such a plywood, it will spread very slowly, and the formation of smoke will be moderate. As soon as you remove it from the fire, the combustion will immediately stop.

From molded refractories, coke, open-hearth furnaces, blast furnaces, and melting furnaces are being built. They are used in the lining of engines (for aircraft and rockets), nuclear reactors, magnetohydrodynamic generators. Unshaped refractories are designed for lining and repair of furnaces (heating, electric arc, firing, induction, coke) and converters. In addition, they are used as a material for filling joints in the construction of molded refractories.

Magnesite Bricks For Sale

Magnesite Bricks For Sale

Oxygen-free refractories are made of oxygen-free compounds (carbides, borides, sulphides and others). Oxide refractories are produced to create the hulls of instruments that control the temperature regime of the casting process, measure the proportion of oxygen in the steel, and so on. For the lining of the domain and aggregates for melting metals, carbonaceous refractories are also used.

Magnesian-silicate refractories are designed for lining of glass melting furnaces and melting units. In addition, they are added to the powders used in metallurgy. Magnesia-spinel refractories are used in steelmaking furnaces. Magnesian-lime are designed for lining converters.

In the catalog of the Worldbuild365 portal you will find information on manufacturers and suppliers of refractory products and can contact them through a convenient communication system. In the Exhibitions section you will find information about all the major events at which suppliers of refractory products will represent the proposed products. Read more on this

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If you need to make large quantities of egg trays, you are going to need an egg tray manufacturing unit to make your trays easier to produce. Egg tray making machine is a common pulp molding machine. It takes the pulp and turns it into egg trays that you can use to pack and store your eggs. The machine can also make fruit trays, seed trays, and other paper trays that you might need for your business.

 Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Four-sided Egg Tray Making Machine

The machine uses different molds to make the trays and it is easy to get the tray that you need by changing the mold. Except for egg tray making machine, the other common pulp molding machine is the paper egg carton machine. The molds are easy to switch and the machine is a true workhorse. The machine is going to work hard to produce huge amounts of trays. The trays are going to be strong and they are going to perfect for your products.

The pulp molding machines come in different styles and the style that you buy is going to depend on how any trays that you need. If you need a lot of trays you are going to want to go with a bigger machine that is capable of producing the egg trays that you need. If you need a smaller machine, you can choose a machine that is going to produce up to 2000 pieces an hour. The smaller machines can use up to six dies.

Look for a machine that has an integrated pulping system since these machines are compact and they are going to save space in your facility. They can also save you money on construction costs so they are definitely worth using. But it is more suitable for small egg tray machines. If you want massive production, you can choose an automatic egg tray machine. These machines don’t require as many workers either. You will only need three to six workers to operate the machines.

Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

The larger egg tray machine can produce more than 3000 pieces per hour and it uses up to 16 dies. Though the machine is larger only four to six workers can operate the machine. The pulp tray machine is very strong and it is one of the more popular machines since it can produce so many egg trays. You can make all the trays you need with this machine and it doesn’t take up too much room. Here is a video of paper egg tray making machine in India. You can also check the Facebook Page of Beston for more successful cases.

The fully automatic egg tray machine is going to produce up to 7000 egg trays per hour. This machine takes up more room and you are going to need seven workers to operate it. The machine can handle up to 40 dies and it is going to produce all the egg trays you can handle. If you need a machine that can handle huge amounts of pulp you should always try to use this machine since it is so effective. Beston Machinery is a professional egg tray making machine manufacturer, which has various options for you to choose from.

When you need to make a lot of egg trays always try to find the right and best egg tray machines so you can produce all the trays that you need. The paper pulp molding machine is efficient and it is also going to help you get everything done efficiently. The trays are going to be strong and sturdy and they are going to come out just like they are supposed to.

The process of refining sugar involves cutting up sugarcane into small pieces and then crushing it to extract the juice. After the process is over, the leftover pulp from the sugarcane, which is known as bagasse, is usually discarded.

Imagine how much less organic waste would result from the sugar making process if the sugarcane pulp could be put to some kind of use rather than being thrown away. As it turns out, it can. There are machines available on the market that are capable of making charcoal from bagasse. The resulting briquettes can be used as fuel for a variety of different purposes, making it a great way to reuse a product that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Carbonization Machine-Beston

The process of making charcoal from bagasse is relatively simple. First, the bagasse needs to be thoroughly dried out. Depending on the complexity of the charcoal making operation, this can be done in a couple of different ways. For smaller operations, the bagasse is usually laid out in the sun to dry for a couple of weeks. This is a simple solution that gives great results without requiring any additional power. You can also refer to for the details of the charcoal making process.

Larger charcoal manufacturers may need to process the bagasse more quickly. Additionally, they usually deal with a much larger volume. As a result, they usually dry the bagasse in specialized machines that help remove the moisture rather than allowing it to dry naturally in the sun. This speeds up the drying time and allows them to create the finished charcoal briquettes much more quickly.

After the bagasse is dry, it is then transferred to a specialized charcoal kiln where it is heated to a high temperature. There is very little oxygen inside the chamber. This turns the bagasse into a black charcoal powder.

After the carbonization process is done, the powder is then formed into briquettes using a specialized machine. It is usually then put into bags so that it can be transported to stores and sold to the public.

There are a lot of benefits associated with making charcoal sugarcane from bagasse using a biochar equipment for sale on the market. For one thing, it helps minimize the amount of organic waste that results from the sugar making process. Instead of throwing the bagasse away, it can be put to use again.

Traditional charcoal is made from wood. Unfortunately, trees take an extremely long time to grow. They also are in short supply in certain parts of the world.

Sugarcane, on the other hand, grows much more quickly. As a result, it is a much more eco-friendly source for making charcoal.

Finally, after the charcoal briquettes have been used, the resulting ash can be added to the soil as a fertilizer, helping new plants to grow. Ash from biochar like sugarcane bagasse briquettes can help enrich the soil, making it much more capable of supporting plant life.

Transforming bagasse into charcoal briquettes is a great way to give a product that would otherwise be discarded new life. Instead of throwing the bagasse away, it can be turned into an eco-friendly fuel source that helps save trees and reduces society’s reliance on fossil fuels. Now you can contact BestonGroup to get more professional information about making charcoal from bagasses.

Buying a new plastic recycling machine for sale on the market can be tricky. However, when you start to shop you will notice that you can get some pieces that are very cheap and others that are going to cost you a fortune. This is when you should know more about why you should not be cheap and go out and buy the best equipment that you can afford, even if you do not think it will pay off right away, in the long run, it will definitely be the best decision that you have ever made on the equipment you are getting.

Plastic Recycling Equipment for Sale

The first reason you should be getting this equipment is the plastic recycling plant manufacturers that are selling the higher dollar pieces are going to allow you to get the items that are going to work best for your needs. Yes, this is going to be something that you never think about, but when you are looking at these pieces you will find the higher priced items tend to get you the higher level of conversion. This means you will only have to get a little bit less waste into the business to get the work done and know it will work for what you need it to do.

The second thing that you need to realize is this equipment has a tendency to operate more efficiently. This is going to make it easier for you to get the right product and know that it will allow you to get more bang for your buck. That is because the equipment will do the conversion at a higher level and operate at a lower cost. So you will not only be making more from the recycling you are doing, but also will not have to pay out as much to get the equipment to operate.

Finally, you will like the fact this equipment is going to make it easier for you to get the maintenance cost to be a little bit lower (Visit to learn the details of the costs). Yes, these will still have to be maintained and they are going to need to have the maintenance in place, but you will find that when you are getting the maintenance done on a regular basis the equipment will last you longer and going to make it easier for you to avoid having to get a new piece of equipment right away. Without this, you could have some maintenance issues that you have to overcome.

Someone would like to choose used plastic recycling plant for sale on the market to reduce their cost, but in fact, it is not a very wise action because of the huge maintenance fee in the future.

Being able to find the best product for your recycling company can be a good thing. However, what you will find is it can be difficult for you to find the right items at the time to do the work for you. This is when you should know more about why you may want to go ahead and go out and buy the better quality equipment and know that it is going to work for your needs. Without this, you could have some problems in getting the equipment that will last you for a long period of time. Go to this website ( to learn more information about how to select a good recycling plant.

If you are looking for a pyrolysis plant you are going to want to spend plenty of time looking for the right plant. A small pyrolysis plant for sale is a big investment and you should take a lot of time looking for the right plant so you end up making a good investment. When you find the plant you want to buy you should make sure that it runs on the right type of energy and you should also make sure that the plant is big enough to handle your needs.

Small Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

Small Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

The pyrolysis plant that you choose should be easy to set up and you also want it to be easy to operate. When you find the right plant you need to make sure that it is going to be affordable and that it is going to work with your building. It can take a while to find the right plant and it can be a lot of work to find the plant you are looking for.

You need to do a lot of research when you are planning to add a batch type pyrolysis plant to your business. It takes a lot of research to find the right plant and you want to make sure that the plant you are going to buy is going to be in your price range and that you can easily afford it. The right plant is going to be affordable and it is also going to have all the features you want and need.

batch type pyrolysis plant

Batch type pyrolysis plant

These plants make working easier and they can also ensure that you get more work done. The plants are going to make your life easier and you will be able to get more things done when you use the plant. If you want to make more money and you want to enjoy a higher quality of life you can install the waste plastic pyrolysis plant and use it to turn waste into oil. You can use any type of waste plastic and turn it into oil that is going to be easy to use.

The oil is high quality and you can use it for a variety of purposes. When you turn plastic waste into oil you get to take care of lots of plastic waste and it won’t be going into the landfills. The waste is going to be turned into something amazing that you can use and it is going to be a valuable asset that you can sell or use in your own business. We also have large scale pyrolysis plant for sale:

The plant is going to make life a lot easier and it is going to help you get a lot of things done. When you want to turn waste into oil, you need a pyrolysis plant to get this job done. The plant is going to be efficient and it automatic so you don’t have to do anything except collect the oil. You can use any type of plastic waste and the plant is going to turn it into rich, black oil. The small scale pyrolysis equipment is good for the environment.

The carbonization furnace for charcoal is recognized in many countries across the globe as an efficient method for disposing of various agricultural wastes and for achieving resource recycling. Since it was launched onto the markets, these machines have been exported as well as installed in a number of countries across the globe.

The wood charcoal machine features a function of 1 machine with a number of uses, that is able to deal with waste types from biomass like palm shells, sawdust, and rice hull onto MSW and sludge. Beston Machinery can provide you with the customized biochar making machine to meet your needs.

Charcoal Making Machine

Beston Charcoal Making Machine

Carbonization Process Of The Wood Charcoal Making Machine

To ensure that production is always efficient, the raw materials are required to undergo a pretreatment. Which is why the crusher and dryer are necessary to remove residual moisture as well as cut the wood up into much smaller pieces. This provides a way for uniform heating of the materials that increase working efficiency.

The next step involves high-temperature pyrolysis, sulfur release, flue-gas emissions along with charcoal enrichment. In the wood charcoal making process, top-heating technology has been introduced that is known as 1 fire with 2 steps, which has resulted in the purpose of cost reduction and energy-saving.

Use Of Gas Through The Wood Charcoal Making Machine

An important end product that is produced from carbonizing wood would be combustible gas. In general, traditional fuels will be used such as natural gas, wood or charcoal to preheat a wood carbonization furnace for around 30 minutes. Once it reaches the desired temperature, combustible gas is gradually generated. Gas is one of the more important factors for achieving technology of the 1 fire 2 steps. In most cases, the gas is purified with the spray-dedusting system that will remove the sulfur. Once the step is completed the burning value which is high, means the gas is recycled onto the dryer device and the heating furnace instead of having to use more natural gas, wood or coal. Here is a video of Beston coconut charcoal machine.

Dryer In The Wood Charcoal Making Machine

Through carbonization of biomass, wood chips are converted into an artificial charcoal, wood vinegar and tar. Charcoal is the more important product produced, which is used widely over a variety of areas. In industrial industries, this wood charcoal is used for producing steel-covering agencies, while in agriculture is used for making fertilizer or improving the soil quality. For residential use, the charcoal is used for making BBQs. Yet the functions of the wood vinegar and tar are also important and are commonly used as the type of chemicals to produce products such as oil paint, mosquito repellant and more. All the end products can translate into significant economic profits.

Additionally, charcoal that is produced from the wood chips also has the potential to be processed further into shaped-charcoal such as charcoal granules, charcoal balls or the strip-type charcoal by a corresponding machine associated with the requirements of what the customer requires. Shaped charcoal has an attractive appearance associated with a higher price that translates into increased profits for the customer. More information can be found from the website of Beston Group, which provide various profitable recycling business plan.

Manufacturing egg trays can be a very good business plan. You can make a lot of money, provided that you know how to choose a suitable paper egg tray equipment and your clients. Furthermore, by using recycled paper as raw material, you can keep your operating costs very low. Let’s see how the ideal egg tray manufacturing business plan could look like.

The first thing you need to consider is finding the best supplier to purchase your egg tray machine from. Once you do your research, you’ll probably find out that buying it from Beston is one of your best options in terms of price, reliability and value for money. They have rich experience in manufacturing and exporting egg tray machine in South Africa, the Philippines, etc. Always do your own research and compare at least three or four offers before making your final decision. Like this, you won’t risk overpaying for your equipment.

Anyway, once you’ve decided where you’re going to buy your egg tray machine from, you need to go ahead and develop a solid egg tray manufacturing business plan. This includes how much you will pay for the egg tray making machine cost, how many egg trays you need to sell per month in order to score a good profit rate, how much you can pay for the materials, how much for the salaries and overheads expenses, and how much should you price your egg trays. On top of everything, you need to consider is how to find a reliable pulp molding machine manufacturer. Moreover, you may have to invest in SEO and advertising, as well as in promotional materials to spread around in your local community.

Any good business plan starts with evaluating the market potential of the main activity. You have to estimate how many clients you can gain and what kind of sales you can expect, should you want to cover only your local market. You should make a so-called SWOT analysis of your idea. This means you have to take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of your product, and at the opportunities and threats, you can expect to encounter. This analysis will enable you to determine whether the egg tray machine is a good idea or a bad one. So it is important to analyze the real case. Beston has made an egg tray manufacturing business plan in India for your reference. Here is a video of the egg tray machine in India.

When you develop your business plan, you should calculate your profitability rate in various scenarios. One of the best ideas is to use recycled paper to make your egg trays. This will offer you an important competitive edge, as everybody will perceive your business as a “green” one. Being eco-friendly is a big thing these days when everybody and their dog are concerned with the future of our planet. By helping people get rid of their paper waste and by turning it into something useful through pulp molding machine, you’re going to attract the sympathy of many. You may even be able to find sponsors for your advertising campaigns. Clients will prefer to buy egg trays from you rather than from your competitors who destroy the forest to make their products. That’s why pulp molding machine in Malaysia, Pakistan, even the UK, etc. will be a new business opportunity.

These are the basics of a solid business plan that should help your egg tray manufacturing company thrive. Success is a matter of thorough planning and impeccable execution.

When you buy certain kinds of products, it’s extremely important to make sure that the supplier you’re buying these products from is reliable. You should aim to find some of the most reliable Magnesia carbon brick manufacturers in India. How can you find manufacturers that you can trust? These are a few of the things you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Excellent and cheap magnesia carbon brick in RS

Excellent and cheap magnesia carbon brick in RS

Does The Manufacturer Have A History Behind Them?

You should find a manufacturer that has been producing these bricks for quite a while. If a manufacturer has experience, they will have had enough time to hone their methods. It will be easier for them to produce a high-quality

Beyond that, it’s easy to learn more about a manufacturer that has been around for a while. If a manufacturer has been working with clients for years, those clients will have had enough time to say numerous things about them. You can look at those comments and see if they tend to skew positive or negative.

What Do Other People Have To Say About Them?

As mentioned above, the feedback of others can be a valuable resource if you’re trying to find some of the best manufacturers out there. You should read opinions on different manufacturers that you find online. See what people have been saying about the manufacturers you are considering.

You should also see if any of your colleagues have purchased magnesium bricks in the past. If they have, you should ask them to tell you more about their experiences. Were they happy with the manufacturer that they chose to work with? Try to learn a lot from them. You should research your options and reach out to people that might be able to tell you more. Click here for more information:

Cheap-magnesia carbon brick for sale in RS company

Cheap-magnesia carbon brick for sale in RS company

Is This Manufacturer A Good Fit For Your Needs?

You should try to find one of the best manufacturers out there, but you also need to consider whether or not the manufacturer in question is a good match for someone like you. If you are purchasing these bricks for yourself, your own needs have to be at the forefront of your mind.

One of the main things you should consider is whether or not the manufacturer usually works with clients like you. If they typically work with clients that have a smaller or larger demand, they might not be able to accommodate your needs.

You also have to consider pricing. How much are you comfortable spending on this purchase? You should definitely look for reliable manufacturers, but you should also make sure that the manufacturer you choose is able to work with your price range. Set a budget and find manufacturers that can work within it.

Finding trustworthy Magnesia carbon brick manufacturers in India is easier than you might think. Once you know what you need to be looking for, it will be a lot easier for you to find manufacturers that are a good match for you. Evaluate some of your options and figure out what you would like to do next.

Waste sorting can be a great idea for a successful business. You can earn a nice living while also doing something good for your community. If this is your dream, this article could be exactly what you need, as it shows you where to find waste sorting plant for sale to get your business up and running.

The good news is that you can find all types of equipment and machines online, without even leaving your desk. A basic search will reveal lots of attractive options of waste sorting equipment for sale. Your biggest challenge will be to find a reliable manufacturer or supplier to close the deal with. Here is a supplier with excellent reputation:

Beston Waste Sorting Machine

Beston Waste Sorting Machine

To start with, try to decide upon the main features and technical specifications you need your waste sorting machine to have. What kind of garbage do you intend to process? What daily volumes can you expect to handle? What is your available space to place your trash processing plant? do you have a team of skilled technicians to take care of the maintenance and repairs? What about the operators of the unit? Do they require on the job training?

After you answer all the above questions, you’ll be in the position to start seeking for contractors. You’ll find lots of manufacturers offering their solid waste separation system either on their own, dedicated websites or on various local and global business and trade directories. Either way, there will be some reliable ones among them. Your mission is to find them and to ask them for a price quote. Furthermore, you should pay attention to business pages of local manufacturers, because they may contain very useful details such as client ratings and reviews. These reviews are pure golden nuggets. Read them carefully, because they will offer you a better understanding of the reliability and of the professionalism of various suppliers. Furthermore, they will enable you to make an informed choice in terms of post-sales services and technical assistance.

Whether you find such reviews or not, you should also ask the manufacturers on your shortlist to provide you with several customer references. Get in contact with these clients and ask them everything you need to know before making your choice. Ask about the friendliness of the staff, about the quality of the equipment, and about various added benefits such as installation and maintenance services, operator training, and insurance coverage. If you want to effectively sort your garbage, you must do these things.

Last but not least, ask all these solid waste disposal plant providers to offer you a detailed quote. Like this, you’ll be able to perform a side by side comparison of the best offers on the market. This is the easiest way to see at a glance which is the most suitable solution. Going for the first supplier you find is never a wise thing to do. Always compare multiple offers if you want to obtain the best deal. Moreover, know your negotiable features, as you may have to use them to get a better price. Knowing what you can safely give up will prevent you from making any compromise on the quality of your equipment and of the services you’re going to offer to your own clients.

Today strategies associated with saving energy and the development of new energy is essential when it comes to sustainable development. One of the latest developments includes the bamboo charcoal making machine for sale which includes a process of reactions, bamboo is then converted into 4 main products. This includes combustible gas, charcoal, tar and wood vinegar. All these end products are associated with various applications and result in attractive profits.

The Technology Of Making Bamboo Charcoal

In the carbonization process of bamboo, raw materials will slowly generate a combustible gas when heating the product with a traditional source of fuel. The produced combustible gas is then recycled in order to heat up the biochar furnace in the form of a fuel straight after purification through the dedusting-system.

Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

This technology is regarded as unique and the bamboo charcoal making machine is equipped with the following parts:

– Pretreatment device

– The carbonizing furnace

– The condenser system

– The cooling system

– Dedusting system

– Draft fan

Every part within these systems plays an essential role within the entire working process.

The Charcoal Furnace

The carbonizing furnace in this equipment is regarded as the most vital part when it comes to the operation process that will decide on the overall working efficiency along with the overall quality of the end products. For this reason, this part of the equipment features a double-layer design that allows the lower portion of this machine to come into contact with sufficient amounts of hot air. In addition, the design assists in raising the use of heat efficiently from the start. Find know to making charcoal from bagasse here:

The high temperatures that are reached inside the furnace, turns the bamboo into combustible gas and carbonized bamboo-charcoal. Both these products feature a high-burning value which can then be used directly as a fuel, which paves the way for these subsequent steps.

The Cooling System

This system in the charcoal-making system is used mainly for reducing the bamboo charcoal to a temperature of 30℃. The charcoal temperature inside the furnace is extremely high, which means it needs cooling before it can be discharged. The cooling-system is in place to ensure a safe operation of handling the end product. The system is important for charcoal production machine.

The Condenser System

Over and above the combustible gas and charcoal, this equipment also produces two end products which include tar and wood vinegar. These products are generated through a process of liquefaction inside the condenser system. Once condensed, these products are stored in two different tanks. These final products can be used as raw materials or additives when it comes to making various types of chemical products.

The Dedusting System

The dedusting-system is in place in these machine’s in order to eliminate Sulphur components out of the combustible gas. This process has provided a way to prevent the generation of pollution throughout the entire working process that matches up to the EU emission standards.

Over and above bamboo the coconut shell carbonization furnace can also be used for coconut shells, straw, wood, palm shells, hull, rice and peanut shells as a raw material in order to produce wood vinegar, tar, combustible gas and charcoal.

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